Trackable flights on radar

Although airlines and their planes have now been made to have neutral destinations, it would be a nice idea to have on the map flights leaving and arriving at your airport with lines tracking towards it. Or if that was a problem to implement, a radar when you click on the ATC tower showing the immediate incoming flights for another level of depth? There could also be a weather radar that pops up when clicking on the weather station, which would show the weather conditions for the next 24 hours of game time?


I like this. I haven’t seen it be discussed already, although I may be wrong. It might add a bit more importance to the ATC tower, which is a place and forget object at the moment. Hopefully the devs take note of this :grin:


I like the idea of getting a ground radar view so we can see taxiways a touch more clearly.

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Sorry think that this one would just add complexity that isn’t relevant to the game. I thought it was meant to be a game about being a CEO? Does the head honcho at Gatwick or Heathrow have the ability to view flight radar data from his or her desk?




It might be more useful when the game expands. Maybe not a radar, but a map of the world showing contental service percentages or satisfaction. Boost pertcentages, gain income bonus. At the end of the day, it’s just cool idea. It gives visualisation to the flight planner. At the moment, I don’t care where a flight comes from. Maybe this could change…


Yeah, i’d like to see ATC Tower, Information Desk, actually doing something. Also, i want to see planes takeoff and land based on wind direction. like SimAirport

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They did have planes takeoff based on wind direction, but then they removed it (I assume it’s because it’s a bit annoying, having your runway keeps switching while the taxi-ing planes wait)

@Henry747 it would be cool, but I think it’s not an useful tool for an airport manager (unless we talk about localizing the signs, information, training people in languages, etc.)

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It was just an idea, I know it wouldn’t be practical this early on in development, more further down the track.

It was more just an idea to give practical uses to buildings such as the weather station and ATC tower, if it’s an airport manager I guess the employment of air traffic controllers and meteorologists is more practical to the game. In terms of airport management an interactive flight map would still have practicality, I don’t think it would be a completely useless addition to Airport CEO. Regardless it is an idea for a much later version, probably even an update to the game once it has completed development.

Yes I also feel it will add more complexity. If you go into this there is more and more things need to be added. It is the functionality of ATC. Hope most of us played ATC simulation. So it is better to not going too deep on such things.

May be in future on later editions we can think about it.

I quite like the idea… it’s also something you can look at and enjoy, a nice visual feature

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