Totally stressed!

Hello there–

I have built without actually being successful, as I stress a lot that the game is running and there are small icons that appear where you need to fix it… :slight_smile:
I’ve done a little… but also where I allow it to be as it is, yes a plan is good, but sometimes I’m totally clueless as to how it should be built :slight_smile:

it just something I want to tell but have tried to build many, without success. how do you feel when you have to start up a new airport…
what do you do to help focus and I lack input when I build a cafe and restaurant… there is something missing to look at with the options we have in the game of how you can build…

im build NICE airport

what is that sidewalk texture?

It’s from the where you build run away, and then I choice the stickers and the Airways logo

ahh, is it from the vintage dlc?

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I loader foto up to and in answering you…