To reduce lag

I was thinking of some items that could be removed (maybe optionally by the user) to reduce lag.

Everytime a passenger arrives, leaves, or buys something the amount he airport receives flashes in bright green. While its sometimes nice to see I would prefer less lag with the game than that nice to have.

Thanks, love the game.

I understand the idea,less info on screen means less rendering. But the problem now is that it is simply not polished yet. So a lot of CPU power gets lost in pathfinding calculations and object rendering due to lack of LOD. Which the Devs are working on pretty hard to improve that.

Maybe they can test if it helps a lot to remove them, but I’m afraid that it’s just to minor of a detail to make any difference.

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We can of course try to disable this feature but my guess is that it will make minimal (if any at all) difference. Rending has been vastly improved over the last patches, now we are looking into path finding.

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