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Hello all. As you can see I started a completely new airport following the tutorial and enjoying the game. But I was quickly seeing late flights! So I started an investigation as all CEO’s would do :stuck_out_tongue:

I have built a very small airport and have only the basic atm. So the only thing happening at turnaround is de-boarding, service round and boarding.

This is the taxi way layout.

This flight is my flight to log some times and to provide as much information as possible.
This is only me providing data and asking for inputs/discussion and help :slight_smile:

So let me explain. Even in this small setup that is very basic and should be working.
Even the first flight of the morning that can land a few minutes early ends up leaving late for no apparent reason.

I really do believe it happens because of the in game time moving to quickly, because I feel like the flow of the passengers for check-in and de-boarding and boarding is not to slow or fast, the time is.

ALL TIMES are in-game times.
Plane landed at 05:08.
So 7 min ahead of time.

Taxiing took 20 minutes?. No stops for other traffic - and not long taxi route.

35 Pax arriving
De-boarding started at 05:28
De-boarding Ended 05:54
(If it matters - In real life it took 35 Seconds)

28 Pax Departing
Boarding Started 06:30 (On time)
Boarding ended 07:32
So it took 62 minutes to board 28 people??
(If it matters - In real life it took 2 Minutes and 2 Seconds)

This flight was supposed to depart from gate 07:15
It departed 07:33.

So In my mind the in-game time has to be slower.
Or the other options is that planes and people move faster?

That means you started it and the administrators did the work :wink:

Now we are in a situation where the question is: Does it work correct without using the Tweak mod? As that mod has impact on the turnover.

The current tweak version holds up planes as long as possible at the gates (see other topic)

That is true. I will make the same thing with no mods installed. Hopefully I will get this done in the near future, I will post my findings here in this thread.

So, here is the same information without Tweaks mod. Same airport and same stand.
I disabled the mods and loaded up my save. I hope this is enough? Otherwise please tell me how to easiest conduct it with no mods at all.

I booked a new flight to monitor.

The times are as follows, ALL times are in-game times.

Arriving pax 39.
Landed 08:39 So 6 min ahead of schedule.
De-boarding started 08:58. 19 min taxi.
De-boarding ended 09:16. So 18 min to de-board 39 pax.

Departing pax 31.
Boarding started 10:09 On time.
Boarding Completed at 11:17
It took 1h08Min to board 31 pax.
Scheduled departure was 10:55
Actual departure was 11:18.

I’m sorry, but the Tweaks were still active in the new screenshot (visible because of the total number of pax shown) :wink:
After deactivation in UMod, a game restart is needed.

But anyway, the next Tweak version will solve that.

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Right, so Go in the game, deactivate and then restart?

Yes. When it does not appear below the game version on the top of the screen, then it’s off.

So this is the flight, and mods are not active.

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.
The times are as follows, ALL times are in-game times.

Arriving pax 21
Landed 11:55 So 5 min ahead of schedule.
De-boarding started 12:16, 21 Min taxi.
De-boarding ended 12:27

Departing pax 20
Boarding started 14:15 On time.
Boarding Completed at 15:01
Scheduled departure was 15:00
Actual departure was 15:02

MY opinion.
After testing this and tracking in games times both with mods and without, I wanna talk about the results.
However, my initial question or statement Is still “Does time go too quickly?”
My answer is yes. For three reasons.

First, there is no reason this flight should have left late! Even by 2 mins.
Because random conversations and random events, that in real life would have made this flight leave 2 min late, does not happen in this game!

I also wanna point out that this flight has 3 hours! Of turnaround time, and still left late!

I have a very small basic airport.
In my honest opinion, this flight would not need 19 min to taxi.
(pic of airport is in first post)

Now also imagine longer taxi and waiting for other traffic, for those who knows how long airplanes can wait for other traffic, you know what I mean. The taxi time will add up quickly!

The third part is that 20 people do not take 45 min to board. It just doesn’t.
Can’t really put my finger on it because the flow is good and well done, they even que when they are not to many. So I can only point out and say the time runs too quickly!

I would love a experimental build where the time is slowed a bit!
Just to see the effects. Maybe I am totally wrong. I am more than open to discuss and hear other inputs!

And please point out any errors or if I need to do this test again in another type of setting! I want to give correct data! :slight_smile:
Any spelling errors I give for free :smiley:

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While all of your input here is certainly valid, timing in this game is perhaps one of the most complex aspects of it. It’s also, as mentioned, a tycoon game and not a simulator which means that there will be a large number of scenarios where the timing in the simulation is intended to be “good enough” to match most cases across several hundreds of thousands of airport CEOs…

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