Tilt trays for baggage claim

Is it possible to use a tilt tray with 3-way function (left, centre, right) to deliver baggage to 3 different baggage claim loops?

At present not possible…

It should be possible, having the tilt tray sorting setting set to “To Destination”. If it does not work, it’s a bug.


I set up the tilt tray before setting up the baggage claim area, then it works as it should

I’ve had no problems with the To Destination filter, works as expected for me

Yes, it’s possible.
Tile tray set to “to destination” does the job.

But @Olof, I have 4 baggage areas connected like in picture below (sorry for small picture), but it appears they are randomly select destination so sometimes one of the area receive baggages from 3 destinations at once.

That looks unusual to me… I thought one baggage bay had to go to one baggage claim area?

If not, that opens up so many possibilities?

One baggage bay can go to multiple baggage claim areas. Use tilt try with “destination”

I build the baggage loop - then create a separate “baggage claim” room for each loop (and name it like "Carousel A, Carousel B, etc). I’m not sure how the system determines which baggage claim carousel to use - I find sometimes it puts three flights on one, then the fourth goes to the other.

Clicking on baggage claim “room” tells you which flights’ baggage is arriving on a particular claim belt.

That baggage room screen makes no sense to me. :frowning:

In what way does it not make any sense to you?

The time left for starters… Why would baggage claim show the time the plane left? I would have through arrived would make more sense? Or is it time left the PAX to claim their bags?

What’s the status symbol?

Flight and from yeah, they do make sense…

You’ve just highlighted a bug for me too.

From is not always showing up @Fredrik in the claim screen.

just checked it out, it does work with tilt tray set to ‘destination’ and 3 collection zones. This is with one baggage bay feeding into 3 zones. It seems to arbitrarily pick which of the 3 zones to offload to, on its own.

Clever. I somehow thought you’d have to specify which flights unloaded where but it works by itself, i think…

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That’s very cool. I need to investigate that. Thank you.

I have my tilt trays all set to “To Destination,” and have them sorted to go to three different baggage claim areas. I’ve done this is many other airports I’ve built and have never had a problem, however, my last airport built after the most recent update won’t allow the baggage bays to turn on. I keep getting an error that “your baggage bay appears to be connected to a claim area…”

Seems that the self-check is not taking the tilt tray into account and is only counting the luggage line that continues directly in-line with the tilt tray as “complete.” The side luggage lines (left & right) are failing on all four of my baggage bays. I’m going to assume that this is a bug since it worked before?? Or did something change that I’m not doing right? I’ve checked the luggage lines multiple times for errors and have not found any…

can someone please help me. i have two tilt trays set up but i can not get past the tutorial part where it says to reroute 50 bags? i have two baggage claim areas set up with the tilt trays dividing the luggage between the 2 of them, i have two plane stands attached to each baggage area so there is more than 50 bags going to each one but yet im still stuck on this step

Did you already try to use the button at the claim area to test the connection? Looks like you have to do it manually (at the moment?). If you have the red sign for not being connected to a baggage bay at your claim area, it will change to green after you hit this button.

Btw., thanks for your question. :wink: I haven’t been aware that you can connect multiple claim areas to one baggage bay and that they will get separated by flights then. Just tested it today cause of your question. :smiley:

Did you already try to use the button at the claim area to test the connection? Looks like you have to do it manually (at the moment?).

I wondered if this was a bug or not. @Olof can you tell us?

I had not thought to use the green test button on all of my baggage claim areas. Once I did this, I was able to turn on the baggage bays. THANK YOU! I’m going to assume that this is a bug, but at least I know how to get it to work now. Appreciate your help and happy that I was able to help you realize you could connect multiple baggage claim areas to your baggage bays. It’s pretty neat to watch the flights get separated and sorted to different claim areas at the tilt trays. :wink:


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