TIL: if you mark the conveyor belt as staff zone, passengers dont walk over them

Finally I figured out how to get rid of people walking over my conveyor belt in the baggage claim area.

(incl the conveyor belt itself in the staff zone too)





Very nice info Thank you :smiley:
Still hoping that they will move the baggage claim into the secure zone :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get it. When I try it, even I cover belt’s itself, PAX still walk on belts.

give a few min EG0611, those passengers you’ve seen probably had their path calculated already, wait for the next airplane

Not sure why i never figured this out sooner, thanks much for the tip!


Not secure area is fine with my.

All i need is one way doors to prevent non baggage claim people from getting there

All airports i know have their baggage claim area in the secure zone and you leave it after you have claimed your luggage. Thats all. Right now in ACEO it seems everybody has access to your luggage, even people not even going for a flight :wink:

Make sure it’s staff zone as opposed to the staff room

WOW! Why didn’t I think of that?
Great tip matey! Thanks! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Nice, very nice, i’m liking this more and more every second. Eventually and hopefully the devs will make it so only workers can go over conveyors though

So did I!!!
Was amazing to see the behavior change and be like " yeah little f*ckers now you can’t walk over them, behave yourself and wait behind the invisible border" :smiley:


This is not true in north America domestic airports. Baggage claim is unsecured and anybody can access the belts.

Do they still get their bags?

I am now using this strategy for my check-in area. I don’t like them crossing all the other desks on the way to security since we don’t have the ability to make a master queue that feeds multiple desks like in real life. In that instance you do have plenty of room to walk across the desks and not interfere with check-ins. I block them from doing this behavior in the game and have a lane between queue lines for them to exit the check-in area.

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Any chance of a screenshot of your check-ins to show us what you did please?

This really depends on whether or not the point of arrival is ‘first point of entry’ into a country. It’s been discussed a reasonable amount if this other topic if you’re interested in reading :slight_smile:

How many do you know? I have been thinking back from all my travels and actually think all is outside secure area, even international ones. The international ones is not public accessable, thats for custom reason, but you have left the secure area through narrow multi one way door thing that is typical.

The final thing is security. If you are still in secure area, you can take illegal items from your bag, head back to the gates, boars a plane and hijack it, blow it up or whatever. The bag HAS to be picked up outside secure area. PS! Custom area is not a secure area.

Umm I’m pretty sure a customs area is a secure area, but the level is different.

On the point of taking “illegal items” in your bag, how is it possible when your bag is already scanned and secured?

Maybe the location of secure/non-secure zone actually depend not on where the airport is located, but when it was built?