Ticket Desks, Ticket Sale Staff, Self Ticket Sale Machines


When you go to an airport you won’t always have your ticket in your hand. Sometimes you go to ticket sale and buy your ticket or change it for another flight. Sometimes there are self ticket sale machines but most of them are integrated with self check-in function as well.

Why it should be implemented:

Improve Realism

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So system will work like this;

  • Every airline will request a ticket sale room for their operations. The number and room size can be differ from.
  • You build a room for ticket sale with requirements in it; such as an office desk, seats etc…
  • Staff will come to airport from outside. Like how franchise staff is.
  • Self ticket sale machines can be considered within self check in machines so there is no need to develop it. However there MUST be a ticket sale room for operations no matter your airport has self check in machines

This has already been selected

Self check-in and baggage drops are selected. However what I mean in this feature topic is “ticket” system. There will be ticket sale rooms with airline requirements and ticket sale staff.

Like this;

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Just a reminder that with Alpha 35, the only thing that an airport is missing will be ticket sale offices. (and some shops like car rental, pharmacies, banks, tourism info and etc…)



And Currency Exchange booths where a guy sit’s in to serve maybe one customer per day due to very bad exchange rates. :smiley:


Exactly you cannot imagine an international airport without over-priced currency exchange office :stuck_out_tongue:


All so true.

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