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when i pull up the debug menu in game and I press the option for clearing job list, the frame rate will temporarily go from 4fps to 15fps. seems like the script that populates and saves the job list is part of the issue why i drop from 60fps to 3-4 fps. I know this is a well known problem in the community, but i feel like this scripting or engine for the game should replicate Airport Tycoon 3. whatever powered that game was very successful. the way ceo’s game gets bogged down really makes the game unplayable for those who like to build sprawling airports to mimic airports like dfw or dubai. i wish i could be an advisor for this game. i play many tycoon/ city building games and my knowledge of what works, what gamers want, what makes a game great has come from many years of playing in depth strategic tycoon games. this game has the potential to be great. i am excited to see the progress bc i have been waiting a very long time for this game to be released. at the moment i am not satisfied due to the lagging, but i understand these things take time. once these issues are fixed, i would like to see more business opportunities like hotels, admin buildings, short and long stay parking lots, police and fire departments, more airlines, more fuel companies, more banks, mono rail, landscaping, viewing decks, events like airshows, more negotiating with contracts dealing with pricing of fuel, price per passenger, baggage, cold storage, cargo storage, first class, economy and so on. some airports like Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, TX are mainly cargo airports. this game needs cargo buildings and vehicles. it needs airplane maintain hangers. it needs and airport maintenance facilty to maintain pads and runways. cargo and baggage buildings should be able to be dedicated to a specific airline or be for all airlines when the airport need is small. there should be different levels of each building as well.the further you progress your airport, new buildings should be available to obtain new contracts and should handle more traffic. planes should require different length runways. runways should be able cross eachother perpendicular or diagonal for wind purposes. airlines that are satisfied with your airport should be able to offer a bonus to have your airport be their hub. marketing should be an option. promote more tourism or desire to travel. you should include prefabricated terminals with or without zones predetermined with desk and security or not. there also should be a “needs” tab. this should show you that you need
20 security employess for example. something like security: 10/20 security running at 50%. your board of execs should be able to reach you on the phone by text or email to advise you of your operation, finance, and info etc. (add phone for to be your HUD with all options as apps on your phone similar to GTA5 or similar set ups). this adds much needed diversity and difficulty to the game and makes the experiece unique everytime. should always be adding new styles of buildings, a better more uniform color scheme application, prefab rooms, auto scheduling flights after contract sign. better time line. i could go on and on. if i knew how to code and program games i would on sid meiers level with tycoon games for different industries haha. looking forward to changes and progress in this game. everyone is going to be critical but the focus needs to be on helping the situation and moving in a positive direction. i know i have been critical but know i appeciate the work that goes in to the process of creating and releasing a game. Thank you for game and the opportunity to help pass along information in a helpful way.

Hey Frazier, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
I think that if you browse the forums you will find at least most of your ideas discussed in more or less depth. Which means your ideas are good :slight_smile:
We now have a skeleton of a game. With time more features will be added until this game becomes at least mostly what we hope for :slight_smile:

thank you for the response. i wrote it in steam and realized i couldnt post more than 1000 characters so i signed up real quick and posted it. i am about to start reading through the threads bc i am really interested in what others have said.

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