Thoughts about time and boarding

Hello, so after observing my big airport and keeping an close eye on times/boarding. I have now some thins I wanna discuss.

The first thing is that time is a bit too fast in my opinion, because my airport is big, taxiing takes too much time (I have optimized routes) and that results in planes often being late. Depends on how far taxi and how many pax.

So my question is, can I somewhere in the save files or files change how fast a minute in game is?

The second this is that I really want to be able to set what size of aircraft can take off/land at specific rwy.

Have a look in the runway settings…

You can only set if planes are allowed take-off/land, but not that only small planes are allowed to take-off. I want all planes to land, but on that rwy I want to allow small planes to take-off as well.

Important is the arrival path. This needs as short as possible to the designated stand. But from personal experience, one hour of arrival taxiing still can lead to an on-time departure. (Except B747 or A380 due to the refuelling)

The only setting available is to use the shortest available runway instead of an equal distribution.

For departures you don’t have to care about. As soon as the pushback is done, you can ignore the aircraft from economic perspective.

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Yeah I know, for me the problem is mostly about the A380, and actually it’s the boarding of 400+ people that delays the flight, and I do have one manned + 4 Auto boarding desks. Otherwise all else was on time.

So I did a test. I emptied my airport of flight. I then booked one big one. It landed and needed some time to taxi to gate, because it’s a big airport. But it did take the best route. Every service provided as quickly as possible. At departure time, boarding is a bit over half way.

I think it’s to few boarding desks.
For my big stands I use at least 2 big manned boarding desks (with 2 Staff) and 3-4 automatic ones.
Then all my big planes leave around an hour before departure time.
Only the 747 and A380 need longer before refueling takes an eternity…

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For large stands I do also have normally one large manned desk and 3-5 auto boarding desks. I don’t play with 100% pax/flight ratio, but up to 350 pax are common as well.

Sure you can place lot more, but then it doesn’t look realistic anymore.

At the end, my issue is always the refuelling for A380//B747 which takes way too long.

Can you right click on those desk and check the condition? We had the discussion recently if the condition has an impact on the boarding speed.

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I will probably end up placing more then. I can’t see the condition, but I did order maintenance for all of them before the plane landed and I did see the tech guy coming and checking them. I also counted. It take 4 seconds per person to pass.
So you could calculate the boarding time with that.

I have on time refuelling even for A380, I have two Maverick fuel trucks per big stand. That seems to work. I am now placing more boarding desks across the airport. See if that helps.

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