This is a bug I assume?

Note how the autoplanner has scheduled (on stand 23) flight SA550 to land before the previous flight has left, and another to land while it is on the stand.

In the flight monitor, the effects are rather interesting … It hasn’t landed, it’s still en-route and nobody has checked in.

Fortunately, the flight planner lets me cancel the flight (wth a penalty and reduced satisfaction).

Which branch is this on? Game version?

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Could it be emergency related? I think some emergencies force flight delays into the flight planner, but I may be wrong.

Emergency flights are especially marked in the scheduler - plus you need to fit them into schedule as well - otherwise you fail.

I had some rare cases of that as well. Mainly caused due to a short game lag exact at the moment when I wanted to place a new flight. I’ve tried to reproduce it manually but never could.

1.1-2 I have a saved game if you require it.

I was using autoplanner, no manual intervention.

Has this happened just once on this save or multiple times? Can you reproduce it?

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It has happened again, once, after I posted this topic, based off the same save that I made, i.e. further ahead in time, in the same airport.

I was using autoplanner, I wouldn’t know how to reproduce it, it has ‘happened’. I wasn’t doing anything unusual.

With this, I meant, could it be related to a weather emergency?

Yes, I know you have to place emergency flights, but if you notice, certain weather emergencies will elongate a flight’s bar of time in the flight planner to account for the ground stop. I believe this then pushed flights back to “make up” for some discrepancies. I noticed this when my night-only stands began getting clogged up at night after a weather emergency.

Can you bug report this save and drop the number here?

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As usual, for nearly all bugs I find, when I load the saved game, the bug is no longer there.

You got memory leaks in the code perhaps?

We’ve seen this issue a few times before but that was long ago and patched through a series of bug fixes, it seems to still be out there in some form which is why we’d need to run the save where you expect this on our test machine and see if we can reproduce it locally.

This bug has nothing to do with memory leaks, it’s more of an issue that relates to the complexity of the auto planning system and some very, very unique calculation results which ends up causing flights to be planned on top of eachother.

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This happened to me with some flights following a weather emergency so the flight planner extend the turnaround times for the aircraft already at the airport whilst the severe weather was ongoing and pushed back the flights due to arrive during the period of extreme weather. However it didn’t push back all of the scheduled flights and some were put on top of each other at the same time in some cases.

Oh, okay, I see, then there’s definitely something wrong there. Is it the same case for @DRY411S?

This is on the default branch, I’ll bug report if it happens again.

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