Things we still need - (In My Opinion)

There are still a few things that frustrate me while playing the game. I don’t know how hard or easy these things are to implement, but they would help me out dramatically.

  1. Ability to turn off pop up help messages - and mouse over menus. - Sometimes there are so many things popping as you move the mouse around, it’s even hard to see things you are trying to build.

  2. Zoom out to see entire airport - Is there a way to do this? I can never get it so I can see the whole thing.

  3. Ability to turn off night mode while building

  4. Make the International Zone a secure Zone automatically - No need to try and zone the exact same area twice

  5. UNDO- Ever had the mouse glitch on you and you delete 10 blocks of second story terminal that doesn’t have a first story under it, and now you have to rebuild the 1st and second floor?

I have talked and discussed this next one here before but editing in a secure / international zone where the removal of walls removes the security zone is also really frustrating for me.

THIS IS A GREAT GAME- Knowing the developers by their first name because they are so involved with the community is unprecedented in todays world. We all feel like we have helped mold this into what it is today. There is no other company that I have ever dealt with that responds as quickly, as much and with as much knowledge as you guys do. WE really appreciate all your efforts on this.



I have two items that are big on my list:

Still need better multi-terminal functionality. I hate that every terminal has to have X feature. As an example, every terminal has to have it’s own set of check in desks. I’d rather see a way to link terminals, so I can say “Everybody enter in terminal one. All check-in desks for flights are in terminal one,” and then route passengers to to different terminals. While I’m not trying to copy any real word airports, I can think of several that are designed this way today…in the US, Atlanta Hartsfield and Pittsburgh International both have a design like this. A lot of times, I just need to use terminals to be able to segregate employees, to get them to go/stay in the proper area to do their job without getting lost or having pathing issues. I don’t want terminals to force me to have an entire airport setup in every terminal. That’s very limiting, in my opinion.

Connections list or connections across floors. Expanding on the first item, I’ve been working on a new sandbox airport the past 2 weeks. Have spent a good amount of time building something to get around the limitations, and using multiple floors to expand available space. Probably have a good 30-40 hours laying everything out. Tonight, I started “hooking everything up.” I got the taxiways laid out for the small runways, and got General Aviation section of my airport up and running. I built a design where all passengers enter the terminal (single massive, multi-floor terminal) on level -1. Parking, bus, taxi, car drop off, check-in, baggage claim and security were all going to be on level -1. Level -2 was used for service vehicles and baggage lines. All my service depots are on Level -2, and my yet to be created baggage system was going to have all the baggage beltways on this level. As I began building out my boarding desks for my area designated for small plane stands, I ran into an issue. I designed my small plane stand area to use self check-in desks, baggage drop, and self-boarding gates. Problem is, my check in is on Level -1, and my baggage bays are on Level 1. I have no way of connecting any baggage systems because I cannot connect a Baggage Drop-Off machine on Level -1 to a Baggage Bay on Level 1. This is a very poor design choice, in my opinion. Again, I’m being forced to design things in a specific way that I don’t think is an “extreme, outside the box” way of thinking. What would have been a better design is, when you build a Check-In desk or baggage drop-off, show a list of already existing baggage bays that you can connect.

I’m sure there is some frustration in my two items above, but that unfortunately has been my experience…spending hours of time trying to design something, build pieces, and when I start trying to hook all the systems together, they just don’t play nice enough to allow my designs to function. And in my mind, for a building/tycoon type of game, I’m not doing anything that is outlandish in my designs.

What is preventing you from doing this? I’ve done numerous airports with this layout

Use page up and page down to change floor with the connection selected and you can connect across multiple floors.

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Thank you! That was very helpful. I use the mouse more than the keyboard, and clicking to change floors doesn’t allow this.

You can also select the desk, stand or what ever and, change to the right floor and then click the connect button.

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