They can't find the way

I am trying to pass Medium Airport Tutorial and… after making everything (I guess) they can’t find the way from boarding desk to stand… Could you help me? :confused:

These crosswalk between stands is on service road

Have you made it a secure zone? That’s also a secure exit out on to the stands. That’s not where that needs to be place. Just use normal doors in a secure zone.

That exit is for use from secure to the busses/cars etc side.

So I have to make a bigger terminal till the stands? and there put a secure exit or what? I don’t get it :confused:

okay, the secure exit on the right side is good. remove the ones on the left going to the stands. Put some doors in there place and make them secure all the way to the stands.

Stands need to have secure connections.

And the other problem :confused: some of them can find the way without any problems, but a few of employees can’t -_-

P.S. That worked with secure zone :slight_smile:


I’d try a save and reload for that if you’ve just changed the secure area.

If you click on the magnifying glass icon on the notification you should get an overlay view where you can see where the passengers are trying to go from, to and where they are now. Can you do that and take a screen shot? In general it sounds like you just need to make sure that there are security check-points and secure area exits for all the secure zone. Remember, whenever a person needs to switch zones (i.e. go from an open (unsecured) zone area to a secured area they always need to pass through a check-point or exit).

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So… Somehow this error just gone… But there’s another, i’m getting notifications that passengers can’t find the way but… Only when they are on the way to security checkpoint, when they pass it, the bug/error disappeare o_O

Have you just amended the secure zone at all?

I did nothing :confused:
How to disconnect boarding desk from stand?

Click on the boarding desk and disconnect. If there are flights assigned though, you will not be able to.

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