There's been an update (I think) and… WOW

Has the Exp branch been updated? I’m noticing significant improvements… ?

Scrolling around, building things not having lag?

Lots of speed ups, fuel trucks are working again…

my 1800/2000 PAX airport is scrolling so much better, things seem to be running a lot smoother…

Has there been an update on the Exp Branch?

Anyone else notice the improvements?

There was an update a few hours ago, yes. We’re experimenting and testing new stuff, not sure if anything specific has been done to the rendering in this push. Might have, the most recent changelogs is in Fredrik’s comment in the 0.22.3 topic.

I’ve read all that.

This from a few hours ago seems massive in terms of responsiveness…

Perhaps is OS X’ness. Don’t know if the Windows players already had this?

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