The World's Most Useful Airport [Documentary]

There is a nice documentation about St Helena Airport located on St Helena Island in South Atlantic Ocean.

The important part that related with AirportCEO community is in between 22:10 and 27:10 of video. I suggest you to take a look at it.


Yah I just watched it today. This documentary was not only informational at most, but also full of people living in a small island bound together by the one airport that connects them.

I have been following his channel quite a bit. He has really good educational content, and I am glad to see him and his channel grow.

Another good YouTube channel similar to Wendover is Mustard.


This channel is my favourite as well.

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same here!

Well channel is nice but what I wanted to focus on was infrastructure of that airport. Even that small airport has tens of offices, meeting rooms, staff, vehicles and etc…


ah ok

I think that is a very great point.

I love his channel

Quite Enjoyable.

Was fun to see the 737 MAX land there … wonder if that wasn’t the reason it couldn’t land… :rofl:

Thank you for posting

Its an -800 with the split scimitar winglets!
Take this as an example.
This is the plane that landed there,

And this is the MAX. note that the winglets are a litte different and the engines are bigger.

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Well spotted!

I’ve definitely chosen this as my airport location in-game :rofl:

Great video! Was very interesting!

That made me somehow remember a very intersting article about punctuality and airport management: Sheremetyevo Named World’s Most Punctual Airport - All Things On Time Performance