The thing you should not forget (again) - Superlist

Hey all.

We have this awesome admin who has a list with all idea’s around; lets start a list too with stuff people forget over and over again;

  1. Check your zoning, if you checked your zoning, check again; under doors, in between halls, places were walls moved / were removed, etc, etc. When done. Check your zoning again.
  2. Rooms accessible via Secure Zones need to be secure too.
  3. Dont forget to order Pushback Trucks for your medium stands
  4. When extending security posts, first hire the personal for the to be security checkpoint(s).*
  5. Make sure to have dedicated ‘staff only security desks’ when your airport grows to prevent delays.
  6. Have seating in the check-in hall.
  7. Have seating in the baggage pick-up room(s)
  8. Have (enough) toilets in each wing of your airport
  9. Let your busstops # grow with your airport size
  10. Limit the amount of stands connected per baggage bay to keep them at peak performance.
  11. Build a second fuel depot if your first drains between delivery windows
  12. Try to help the taxi-pathfinder by designing your airport 1 way; land on the west, lift up at the east (I.e.). Then when taxi’ing, the planes coming and leaving wont cross each-other (A lot).
  13. Name your stands, to see the naming back in the scheduler; this way you can have your far away stands filled first from the runway, just give them a low number.
  14. Build secure staff rooms, to make walking distances to stands shorter; especially for ramp agents and administration personal.
  15. Build a staff room near your security checkpoints that is only available for security staff; to keep them at peak efficiency.
  16. Build a staff room near your baggage bays for ramp agents only, so they have a short walk to the break area.
  17. Awesome you build this awesome airport!, did you open it in operations panel?
  18. So, you build medium stands eh? did you upgrade your runway (settings) to accommodate medium planes?
  19. When an object has no menu items, hover the mouse over the menu of the object and scroll up.

*I like to hire 5 for each medium checkpoint, then you have no delays on breaktime.

You have suggestions for others too?

Maybe a mod can bump me from first post, or hijack it, I dont know; close and copy it; etc. Lets make a longlist for all the new airport CEO’s out there.