The strange logic of the baggage truck

Put this in the ideas area because I think it may be something to think about. Check this out…

What’s happened here is that the baggage truck has arrived with the bags to be loaded onto the aircraft, however, no vehicle has actually turned up to unload the plane yet. But since it only has one trailer with bags on and two empty ones, why can’t the agents load the empty trailers with bags from the aircraft, then load the contents of the third trailer?

Just a thought.

*Update : Actually, this is a problem. It now seems that all of my baggage trucks are sitting on stands waiting to load aircraft - but none of them are available to unload the aircraft first. For some reason, loading has been given priority over unloading.

This sounds strange indeed, is there a bug report available for me? Bug report number?

can you show the turnaround on the stand’s interactive display? Sometimes unloading doesn’t get requested and will shows as 0/0

Sorry guys, major problems in real life meant I had to stop playing for a while. Will try and replicate the problem and get back to you but I suspect that this has already been sorted in the meantime.

(current problem with Airport CEO - it won’t launch! Probably a computer issue though)

If you’re on experimental: Game not starting was an issue earlier today and should be solved by now, so you might have to check Steam for game downloads to get the latest update.

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That appears to have been the issue. Thanks!

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