The Steam Workshop Copying Issue

Recently I have seen a lot of items, especially templates, have exact copies uploaded by other people. This has recently affected me, as one of my shop templates I have put time into uploading and creating has been copied and republished onto the steam workshop. I have added a pretty strict comment on the item asking for it to be removed and nothing has happened. Is there I can anything I can do about this? Or am I overreacting? Has this been happening to anyone else and do they have a solution?

I have also added a note that you can’t republish my item

My specific situation:
My Item

Possible that it’s the same case as with uploading savegames:
Players Don’t understand what the Steam-Button is doing and they think they save it for them personal. At the end, everything lands on the Workshop and they don’t even notice that.

We are currently on summer “vacation” but this might be something for @Alexander to look into when he is back! :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks
(I’m in Europe and my, people respond fast!)

I think my comment was deleted… I don’t know who did it, but owners can remove comments.