The Search Function

Ok, so for a while I have observed that the search function doesn’t work as any other more convenient search functions,for example the Youtube one. It is quite annoying really.
Ok for example let’s say that you search a topic about minigame ideas(Mini Games inside Airport CEO), but you get more specific, (I myself got an example,but it got merged with the other topic I just sayed) Minigame Ideea:The Air Traffic Controller.

Now the reason I stated all these facts is because I think that people are actually searching before posting. This can lead to confusion.
P.S:I am sorry if I didn`t explain correctly, and I hope you can understand. This got me quite nervous.

I don’t get what the actual issue is and what your suggested improvements are, I also don’t think changing the search algorithm is particularly feasible. Youtube have spent a large amount of money on theirs so they’re not gonna give it away for free.

Well, back when I posted the minigame ideea, I searched for other topics about minigames before posting my ideea. The problem is that during that time I didn`t find the said topic. When I mean by changing to youtube type of search function. I mean that when you search not only the title is important, but the description is important too.

So do you mean that current search function works for only titles and not for topic’s itself? And youtube search algoritm will fix it and it makes forum to search what has been written in topic too?

It does that as well as being able to go to search settings to change your search

Yes. Again, sorry to you all that my writing isn`t that understandable.

Umm, I didn`t find any option like that in the search menu.

hit options or search this topic

Or, if you really want a better search, use Google:


At least this forum has a working search function anyone can use!

It comes up with words in a post instead of thread titles, so you go to a random thread and see that mini games were discussed there.

Well, the search function should by default search through everything. I do however agree that it’s not flawless… When I search for ‘minigames’, I only see 2 topics. But when I search for ‘mini games’, I get 29 results…

There’s however nothing we can do about this. Don’t worry if your topic got closed or merged! It’s not a crime to post a double topic, we just want to make sure that the forum is not cluttered and that discussions about the same topic are all at the same place! :smile:

That can be solved by putting quotation marks around mini and games, “mini games” searches for just that phrase while “mini” and “games” searches for both phrases, which is why you get 29 results as the results match both mini and games.

Sadly, I don’t think we can do anything about the search function. This forum is running on an open source engine called Discourse which is developed by them and their community.

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@Popalexcristian So our Devs aren’t smart enough to fix this thing. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can also use a comma “mini, games”.

They may be game developers but that doesn’t mean they should know web development. I know web development but I don’t know game development :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Sadly, I don’t think we can do anything about the search function. This forum is running on an open source engine called Discourse which is developed by them and their community.”-Olof,ACEO Developer.
Nope, as you can clearly see, they just ain`t in the power to change it.


I was joking. I don’t know both.

Probably are perfectly capable :stuck_out_tongue:
Would just raise a whole bunch of copyright issues as it’s not their software, not to mention the probable pain of de-obfuscating the code…

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Lol ohhhh I get what you mean :joy: sorry overnight shift is getting to me now

I don’t think it will bring up any issues. But it just requires a lot of time. Which is not ideal since they’re working on the game :yum: