The newest Stable Branch is insane! And not in a good way!

Hi there! I’ve been playing Airport CEO, and if you do not know me, I play Stable the most! Well, actually, entirely. Let’s get to the point

The most recent update to the Stable branch, 6.1-0, has been absolutely bug ridden. I’ve probably got a new record for most bugs reported; It’s a MESS!

Not only that, I can’t even submit my most recent bug report! It’s got an error code of 500, mentioning it cannot connect to the server.

I’m not angry, I’m not sad, I’m just surprised this amount of problems manage to crawl it’s way onto stable, especially the game-breaking bugs, which I haven’t in seen Airport CEO until now!

When is a hotfix coming…? A bugfix…? Anything…? It’s a bit disheartening wondering how it went so bad.

This is usually a temporary issue as the bug report function connects to an external third party internet platform. If you have this issue always, then maybe check if your firewall blocks connections from the game to the internet.

If you were able to send in some bug reports, may post the numbers here so the devs know from which bugs you are talking about. This might help to catch up after the weekend.

Also there aren’t topics about such game breaking bugs here for Beta 6. It might be possible that it is an issue in your airport layout?

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Upon having a moment of clarity, I realize that perhaps it wasn’t the Airline Lounge being bugged, and might of just been the fact that none of the Airlines were actually landing their planes. Which in itself might be a bug because the variety levels when having lots of Airlines is scaring me. I apologize for the misunderstanding, and will edit the post accordingly.

However, my point still stands that there are a lot of bugs in this update! Like… sometimes planes just turn into Edwards Bay planes, the Flight Planner gets busted when signing off contracts (I couldn’t report it), the weird offset angle that everything has which makes things look out of place, it’s pretty crazy.

Hey! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the game.

Over the past few days since beta 6 was released we’ve had a total of 102 bug reports across a daily game sessions average of 4000 (i.e. times the game is played per day). Players currently together rack up a daily average playtime of 300 days and with an average of 34 bugs reported per day (1.4 per hour average) across those 300 days (7200 hours) means that we are seeing less bug reports than ever with this build. As @andyc points out I think these issues are located mostly to your airport or save state.

This can happen when your internet connection is wonky, your firewall is blocking Airport CEO, when the internet connection to the Jira platform is wonky, if you airport is excessively large or just randomly. Retrying a few minutes after the failed attempt usually in all cases solves it.

This happens when we’ve added aircraft to an airlines fleet and the contract needs refreshing. Cancel the contract of this airline and reassign it and all future aircraft will spawn correctly.

What do you mean? Busted how?

Can you share screenshots?

I don’t have a screenshot or video, but you’ll have to take my word for it about the Flight Planner because at the time, the bug reporter was broken, and I managed to get past it by now.

When I closed some medium stands to cancel some airline contracts, then re-opened them, they acted like normal, being empty and ready to put new ones on them. However, a large stand I had which was not closed, nor were the airlines that were canceled using it had been affected as well, in a strange state where a large plane was at the stand, with no schedule or even being an incident. When I saved and reloaded, the plane straight up disappeared into thin air.

Basically cancelling airline contracts broke stands that had nothing to do with those contracts

Then the weird offset angle, this has been happening with… as far as I can tell, every single parked vehicle on the map! Some park really awkwardly and don’t try to line up straight. Sometimes, due to this offset, they overlap each other! Here are a few examples below.

(The large pushback truck might be an exception, but still looks goofy because the other trucks will drive right over it on a stand while it lays dormant!)
It’s just a guess, but this looks like it was an attempt to give vehicles more diverse and more realistic parking angles, instead of the perfect 90 degree parking a game would normally do. If that is the case, then I believe it requires a bit fine tuning.

Edit: Actually, about the Edwards Bay planes, this happens with contracts that were signed on 6.1-0 and the airport started on 6.1-0, so as far as I can tell… this shouldn’t even be happening based on your explanation…
Even more edits: The Edwards Bay planes are actually spawning from an OKair airline emergency landing incident, they are not connected to any airlines I currently have signed. And if you’re wondering, I already reported it before, don’t remember the serial number of the bug report though. (OKair is not signed into my airport, so nothing I can really do.)

Normal situation. Everything is like in life. There are impudent drivers who put their car in second place, and there are collisions between cars and planes, and other traffic accidents. It’s just that in AirportCEO is not implemented, but it can be assumed that it is happens. :laughing:

Perhaps the problem is that if you start a new game, then some of the problems will not appear. This is the nuance of the version of the game, which is constantly being changed.

I can imagine that vehicles paths and positions are the biggest development nightmare.
You move it a few pixels, start the game, require a test case for exact that move, close the game, correct it again, start the game, …
And that for each stand size and aircraft model.

Beta 6 has been terribly buggy for me as well. Ever since Beta 6 the pathfinding for aircraft has been an utter mess. With aircraft freezing up, or taxing over each other. I’ve bug reported it a few times but so far their hasn’t been a fix. On top of that the auto planner doesn’t work when you specifically select certain stands to have auto planner.

Maybe you skimmed over it, but I mentioned that I started in 6.1-0, the most recent and updated stable branch. The airport was created in it, and has been ran in it, so all bugs cannot be residue from an old version, they’re all hot and fresh out of the oven! ‘v’

There hasn’t been any significant changes in the aircraft taxiway pathing systems between the latest beta 5 and beta 6. Please file a bug report and we’ll have a look at it.

Regarding displaced vehicles @TheWorld, that’s simply the nature of the game at this point. It can probably be tweaked and slightly optimized but there’ll always be overlapping vehicles or vehicles that can get slightly displaced as the solution for making sure that they wouldn’t be is extremely costly from a physics calculation perspective and something we’ve from a game design perspective decided on isn’t worth it as that performance can be put to better use in achieving a more smooth simulation. As for the other issues we really need bug reports on those in order to check it out, I see that we’re still getting bug reports from others and cannot see any other complaints on the tool not working.

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