The New Website Screenshot Contest

The Airport CEO website takes ages to load, is super old and cluttered and quite frankly outdated in many ways. Because of that we’re in the process of building a new website together with a talented web studio here in Malmö, and the website is set for deployment in early December.

While we’re fortunately not responsible for the main development of the new website, we still have to oversee the content we’re filling it with. The current in-game screenshots we’re displaying are super outdated and don’t look that great, so to fix this for the new website and since we like to do things the community way around here we’re now asking for your help!

The Contest :trophy:

We’re looking for devoted airport CEOs to share their airports in its best look with the ultimate goal of having it displayed on the website. We’re looking for any type of screenshot that looks great, may it be your small just started airfield or a larger busy international airport. But it can also be a of a specific aircraft on a runway taking off, or a cute little café in one of your terminals. Any perspective is allowed!

How to Submit :camera_flash:

You simply upload your screenshots in this thread, as long as they follow the below rules they will be considered in the contest. You can submit as many screenshots as you’d like but in general we prefer quality over quantity.

The Rules :straight_ruler:

  1. No mods are allowed, screenshots has to show a vanilla Airport CEO
  2. The UI should not be visible (disable it using F4)
  3. Upload original resolutions only, if the file is too large upload it using and link the picture in this thread
  4. The aspect ratio of the screenshot must be widescreen, either 16:9, 16:10 or 21:9 or equivalent

The Prizes :medal_military:

Airport CEOs with selected screenshots will get one Airport CEO Steam key to do whatever they want with (to give away to a friend?) and a special Forum badge, as well as our immense gratitude!

The contest starts right now and will close on the 5th of December! :smiley:


Sounds great! need to go over my old saves!

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Please do! :sunglasses:

Ho Ho Ho! Challenge accepted

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Detailed shots with sub-parts of airports.


Thanks for posting! Very impressive airport but these screenshot have the old art style and we would like fresh screenshots for the website. :slight_smile:


just started a new airport, here are some screens



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Stop inventing all the new stuff; my airport gets never finished when you guys already push new stuff to test :wink:


Some screenshots I found in my Steam folder. I know they are not perfect but why I would let them get old in my folder anyway :smiley:

I hope you like them.


Current build

Upgraded it too Asphalt, not playing sandbox, that was a lot money to spend ;).

Oh, I forget the Lightpoles.



What i have gathered so far :wink: sorry if it’s looking bland or ugly…


Here are some screenshots I like to submit:

edit: … adding some night shots.



WHOA!! I love how you put the air shuttle stops between the medium stands and the terminal! So cool and great idea for my next airport!


Be aware you need to watch out for traffic jams, as waiting arrivals busses will block the road when departure busses get to the stop before them. (like it happened at the first jetway in my fifth screenshot)

I need to use the dev menu (F10) quite often to unoccupy road segments in these cases.

I published these screenshots recently. :slight_smile:

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