"The miracle on the cornfield"

Today, a Ural Airlines Airbus A321 has made a successful emergency landing in a cornfield shortly after takeoff from Moscow-Zhukovsky International Airport. So far no injuries have been reported. Kudos to the amazing crew for landing this thing in one piece, or it could’ve ended WAY worse.


If it’s true what you’ve been reading so far, the birdstrike was within the first 30 seconds after lift off and after another minute the emergency landing took place.
These pilots made several correct decisions within seconds and brought the plane to the ground in such a way that they saved 230 lives.
I’m not a pilot, but I have the utmost respect for what these two people did today.

Yeah I read about this too, amazing job by the crew! :raised_hands:

Indeed an amazing job! Deep respect for the pilots!

Really impressive feet given how short time they had to react. :astonished: Reminded me a bit of of TACA 110 in 1988.

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