The Liveries Topic

I searched for a topic like this, but could not find one!
What are your favorite airline liveries?
What plane models does this look great on?
What is your last favorite livery?
Basically, it’s just a place to share good and bad liveries in the airline industry!

Here’s mine:
I quite like the Finnair livery - it’s simplistic and effective. I personally prefer it on the A350.

But what were these people thinking?

I look forward to seeing the replies to this!


I’ve always loved the Ryanair one, looks clean, sheek and works really well with the 737-3 model

Then the one I hate is their competitors, easy jet. I don’t think they use this one anymore though

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I agree!
The second easyJet image was a special livery applied to its 200th plane - normally the colours are the other way around.

Icelandair’s special liveries are simply stunning. See for yourselves:

So if such beautiful liveries can be designed, then why does this exist?

Hello Kitty should not be on planes!


I really like Iberia.

It’s to colorful for my taste. :grinning:


The Easyjet inverse livery is still used, i saw it at Hamburg in the Easter. However you’ve gotta love the new Easyjet livery.

But this is ‘blindingly bad’.

Especially when your in the sun, This is also bad.


I quite like the relatively unknown SATA livery…

Also, Air New Zealand’s "all black"livery is very nice…

But Spirit Airlines’ livery is…well…

HIDEOUS :astonished:


Etihad made a very good choice going from this…

…to this…


I really like Mexicana livery, sadly the company ceased operations shortly after introducing it.

And I can’t stand this combination of colors of the old southwest livery

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I may be biased but I think this is the best livery!

And the worst being…


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Not sure if this counts, but only 1 Livery works for me:


Old Austrian livery, one of my favourites…

Then they changed it to this…

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Here is a livery I could appreciate very much :slight_smile:

Nok Air. Based in Bangkok Don Muang Airport (They do come in different colour schemes too)


KLM dreamliner FTW

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All of the Jetblue liveries except the ones on the right column are my favorites. I love the blue!

Any southwest livery is just meh. Though the newest one is alright.

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I really like the special liveries from Brussels Airlines! :smiley:

Tintin - Rackham Livery:

Tomorrowland - Amare Livery:

Magritte Livery:

Belgian Red Devils (Football Team) - Trident Livery:

They are all also decorated/painted inside… :slight_smile:
More information can be found here:


JetBlue’s many liveries are great, new Southwest looks tacky, Spirit same.

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This is by far the worst livery I have ever seen. They changed their old one to this… Looks like they werent even trying.

Air Canada New and Old:

I would say they are of similar quality.
Which do you think is best?

  • New Livery
  • Old Livery

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They just decided not to bother with the stripes, basically. From one of the better looking liveries to a plain jane eurowhite

Here are some liveries which people may argue are the best or the worst:

S7 Airlines

Nok Air (Mentioned Earlier)


Frontier Airlines

That’s enough for now!

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