The 'Linear Terminal'- 'Up to the next one - Lets share the last one'

My current aiport was designed on a “linear” wing basis. So, check in, depot and stands in a row. The intended result was “short” turn around time and short “paths” for staff / PAX. Besides that, the baggage area was intended to have a very small footprint.

Terminal overview;

GA and small aircraft wing with linear setup. The GA wing space has a huge staff area. Right you see the bus terminal, on the bottom you see the fuel row close to the entrance to minimize game resources on fuel resource path-finding;

Medium wings, with the linear setup;

Two baggage loops, that dont mix and have a very small footprint.


@jasperwillem, you know I respect you like a brother from another mother, right? HOWEVER, please, in the name of sweet Jesus, make your taxiways three squares wide so you don’t get those loop-de-loop things. LOL
Looks so weird when they’re only two-wide. Otherwise. Nice layout.

Sidebar: I love your three fully-scoped-out Fuel areas. I thought I was rockin’ it with two.

Sidebar to devs: There’s room in the Fuel Depot/Tank UI for six Tanks. There’s room on the ground for six. When will we get that opportunity?
These taxiways are three-wide.




LOL I have to agree about the taxiway loops, my eyes are bleeding :stuck_out_tongue: That said, 3-wide seems a bit narrow realistically for the larger aircraft to me… My taxiways are always 7 consistently tbh.

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Seven, eh? I can see why. Wingtip-to-wingtip, a jet is seven squares wide. Yeah, I kinda thought my three-wide were kinda “cheaty”. I’ll go to seven-wide on my next playthrough… Thanks for the idea.

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The taxiway loops are there just for 1 reason, the fact that we still have no 1 way taxilanes! Since I find the taxi path-finder ^@#$!, same with path-finding for PAX and staff, we really need more ground control options and / or suggestive path-finding lines. (Think the before suggested one way taxiways, doors, etc, etc.). Now we have to work with workarounds.

Lets redo the airport, took some doing to demolish and cleanup the place :smiley:

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