The game and taking it out of ea

i love this game i was here from the very beginning, even before the forum! but this game is not ready, and you want to take it out of ea, your mad! you need to work on the bugs and fps first!

Where does it say the devs want to take it out of EA soon? :slight_smile:

I agree, but the game is progressing well, and eventually there will be a time for it to come out of EA in the not so distant future… :slight_smile:

Who said it will go out of EA? Source pls.

they said they were releasing it?

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@JimmyThelad, where’s that rant coming from? The game hasn’t even gone to beta, which will precede exit from early access. There’s so much work to do. Just look at the Bug report system. And it shows only the bugs/new_features/improvements that are visible to the community. At least a hundred or so lie beneath.

Ah yes, the ubiquitous “they”. Citation needed.

in the last devlog or the one before that

i don’t know where you read this unfortunately.
We don’t have any plans on “taking this out of EA” for a long while.

There is enough stuff that needs implementing and fixing.
Don’t worry, we’ll continue to improve this game before even thinking about releasing it.

On the roadmap you can see what we have planned before even thinking about moving to a full release:

Not that I read. I just now searched Dev Blog 99 & 100. Nothing there. Only that Alpha 25 is released. That is not release from early access.

hmmm i just looked cant find it anywhere! cant understand def read it somewhere. sorry i got it wrong i guess. :grinning:

Must be a misunderstanding then, we roughly estimate that we have at least 1-1.5 years of development left. Maybe even more. So don’t worry, we agree with you 100% that the game is definitely not ready for full release. :slight_smile:


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