The Airport CEO Business Design Contest [Shops/Tax Frees]

Shops/Tax Frees Only!

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After the success of the Airport CEO Airline Design Contests we are happy to announce yet another opportunity for you to make your mark on Airport CEO! The Airport CEO Business Design Contest is the second opportunity you as a player have to implement your own business into the game! The winners will receive a free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge.

We are currently missing logos for most businesses in the game. We would like to focus on testing rather than spending a lot of time on creating the required 40 to 50 logos. Therefore, we are asking you to get creative and help out by contributing to the game! This time the concept will be a bit different from the airline design contest: There will not be a community vote, instead we will pick logos which we seem fit for Airport CEO. Of course, you are more than welcome to help us in the process by liking any logos you like in the forum thread as it could help us choose but ultimately we will make the final call.


Come up with a concept for a business or brand you’d like to see in the game. We’re looking for a company or brand name, the logo in .psd or .png file format, a short description, tagline or sales pitch of the company or brand as well as a the name of the company’s CEO.

We are looking for a good mix of business within these categories…

  • Cheap (a company which just wants to sell low quality products for lowest price possible)
  • Small (small company with a couple of employees,
  • Medium (has fairly large business in home country and possibly neighboring countries)
  • Large (big global cooperation)
  • Exclusive (not necessarily a large company but targets wealthy people)

… within these industries (the number indicates the approximate number of logos we need)…

  • Restaurants/Cafes (around 20)
  • Shops (around 20)
  • Construction Companies (3-5)
  • Banks ( 3, a small, a medium and a large)
  • Aviation Fuel Suppliers (3-5)


  • Come up with a business name and short background story that you think might fit in the game. Your business should be specified in an industry and business category.
  • Download the design below template (PSD or PNG) and apply the logo. We strongly recommend using Adobe Photoshop (trial version can be obtained).
  • All external content must be 100% free to use commercially. If you are unsure, do not use! Very important! We have seen some logos with copyright protected material and we will not be able to accept them in because of that. Use a safe website like or for external content.
  • Logo and name must not be similar to existing companies or brands.
  • You are welcome to post several designs but as always, we value quality over quantity.
  • All logos must use the provided template.
  • Designers who gets their logo(s) selected will receive one free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge.
  • Remember that the logo will be downsized in the game. Try not to add small text as it will not be readable. Also try to keep the logo as square as possible.
  • One submission per post (please fix multiple submissions and divide them into the correct categories)

Templates can be found here.


Submit your entry in a post below using the following format:

[Upload you logo in Logo in PNG or similar]

Name: [company or brand name]

Category: [industry (café, shop etc), category (cheap, medium etc)]

Description: [a short description, tagline or sales pitch. Try to keep it short (approx. 3 to 4 sentences]

CEO Name: [the name of the company or brand CEO]

Name: onway! fashion

Category: fashion shop, medium

Description: The shop was founded in 2014. Its a very modern brand and you find it in Europe.
They will expand to Asia and America in late 2017.

CEO name: Lena Anderson


Name: Power

Category: Medium Electronics Shop

Description: The Power franchise is an domestic electronics shop, specializing in gadgets. The company has recently started expanding to more international markets, with their expansion at airport terminals to gain more recognition.

CEO Name: Victor Norman


Name: Martinucci Books and Newsstand

Category: Shop, small

Description: Martinucci is a small bookshop chain. Present in some airports and great train station, Martinucci provides latest novels, tuorist guides and international newspapers and magazines.

CEO Name: Aldorio Fiorentini


Category: Shop, Cheap
Description: Your standard airport newsstand. Selling everything from today’s best sellers & magazines as well as a full line of convince items.
CEO: Richard Blankenship


Name: Narbyrån/Narbyraan

Category: Kiosk/Small Shop, medium price

Description: Nordic convenience store with everything from “A-Å”. Formerly only been based in the city, but it has grown big and opened up at various airports.

CEO Name: Martin Narvesund



Category: Shop, Medium

Description: All basic medical supplies, plus sun lotion, travel kits, etc. Known from the streets of France, but has now taken over many medical stores in Airports around the world.

CEO Name: François Aude


Name: Discount Mate

Category: Shop, Cheap

Description: Standard cheap discount market that always has birthday, and always has sale on cold drinks and to-go snacks.

CEO Name: William H. Baker


Name: HS - Henry & Son

Category: Shop, Luxury

Description: Famous business man Saul Henry has after a long run settled down and created his own luxury shop, selling luxury suits, dresses, watches, pens and jewelry. As his name was already famous in the media and his son being an TV celebrity, his shop quickly rose to the top, and even started selling official best seller “Henry & Son” clothes.

CEO Name: Saul Henry


Name: flygo
Category: Shop, Small
Description: Boasting kiosks at all the major airports flygo features all the items needed to make your journey just a little bit easier. At flygo we sell the items ranging from travel pillows, headphones, chargers, socks and everything in between.
CEO: Alan Jacobs


Name: Beavers Newsagents

Category: Shop, Cheap/Medium

Description: Well established chain of newsagents. Selling the latest news, books, snacks and travel games.

CEO Name: John Beaver


Name: Beavers Restaurant

Category: Restaurant, Medium

Description: Well established chain of restaurants. Perfect fit for family dining. Eat Beaver and fly.

CEO Name: John Beaver

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Name: Pippa Paula

Category: Shops, Exclusive
Description: The Italian businessman Rainaldo Calvo founded Pippa Paula in 2012, he named the company after his two daughters. The brand sells exclusive and very expensive leather goods like handbags, jackets, wallets, etc.
They have stores in some large cities and recently decided to open some shops in large airports.

CEO Name: Rainaldo Calvo




Description:Founded at early 2000’s,sells modern fashionable clothes,you can find it in europe,the purpose was of fast and cheap fashion

CEO:Arthur Torossian

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Name: Top Epoca (TopTime)
Category: Shops, Exclusive

Description: TopEpoca(TopTime) is a Brazilian store that was successful by its unique method in sales of musics. He sells music in every age, sells discs, CDs, cassette tape and even mobile music.
CEO Name: Windsor Silva

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Name: SYSTEM32

Category: Shop (Electronic) (Cheap)

Description: Antonie Riocardo’s personal electronic shop. It’s feature is selling cheap but important electronic devices before and after flights.

CEO Name: Antonie Riocardo

EDIT* If developers think that might cause copyright issue due to logos, here is an alternative one:


Name: Countries & Go

Category: Shop, Medium

Description: Countries & Go is the shop for the “oops I forgot to get a souvenir for my family” purchase. Although it’s a worldwide brand, they sell only local souvenirs at the airports. This way you’re friends and family will never forget all the places you have been.

CEO Name: Nick Verschuur


Name: Kings of Kings

Category: Exclusive. Shop. Exclusive.

Description: Following the footsteps of his Grandfather and Father, Apoapsis III has been following the legacy of the finest qualities of fashion from suits, watches, shoes to bags recognized worldwide and admired by royal monarchs, celebrities and the wealthiest the company.

CEO Name: Apoapsis III

Name: Travelers Shop
Category: Shop, Medium
Description: The travelers shop is a store wich sells touristic guide books, magazines, maps, suitcases and others travelling accessories. Avaliable in all aiports of the country this store intends to expand the business and to help travelers in their trips.
CEO Name: Peter Anderson

(For any questions related to Copyright issues just send a private message)


Name: Quick Stop

Category: Shop, cheap

Description: Why should you pay more for products than you have to? Quick Stop has cut down the costs of all products by cutting out the middle men in the chain process from factory to the shelves. We rather purchase the products our customer really want, and purchase it in huge bulks, rather than giving you more alternatives - this way the prices are pushed down, and you can quickly grab exactly what you need for the lowest price on the market.

CEO Name: Patrycja Kwiatkowska