The Airport and Public Relations

Will us as CEO’s have to deal with the media? As in a journalist arrives wanting to write an article and we have to decide to accept or decline their offer. We could see an estimated percentage of how popular the article might be and a chance of how much reputation you might get from the article. By accepting our airport may get good or bad reputation from it. By having the reputation we could get more passengers preferring to fly out of the airport or more airlines preferring the airport. An airline might say in their contract that the airport must have so much reputation for the airline to stay otherwise it leaves.

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There is a reputation aspect involved but it is currently only connected to factors related to how you perform on, for example, individual airline contracts or passenger’s experience when they visit your airport. If you perform well, reputation goes up, if you perform badly, reputation goes down.

In regards to reporters and or media as you describe them, there’s nothing like that in the pipeline. However, we do plan to implement a yearly Airport Awards where you’ll be ranked and categorized.

Also, passengers might occasionally send you e-mails depending on if they had a very good or bad experience. Aaaand then there’ll probably be other stuff you can do related to PR. There’s an executive role (i.e. a role you can hire someone in to) that’ll likely involve marketing operations. We haven’t really started designing these aspects yet so anything is possible!

I like the asepect to earn airport awards.
Points for…
Design, safty, pax, Cargo… Etc.

I’m Not quite Sure, if its allready asked and anwserd, but how about a User/community Ranking in the game?

That’s what I am wondering about as well. I would really love compete with other airports.

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That would indeed be pretty awesome. Compare number of passengers, number of emergencies, number of flights, etc.


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