The airplane is wrong!

I remember that China Southern Airlines does not seem to have code-shared with JetBlue Airways?

While it’s a Mod and a good one, I agree, that’s not something that should be happening with Mods.

Fredrik might have more insight? Or might be Alex?

Hmm, Which mod is it? Is it setup correctly with airline name?

It said JetBlue’s plane send Mayday, but I see the plane is from China Southern Airline

Mod is JetBlue and China Southern Airline

Are you sure you have it enabled in the modding menu at the start?
If it’s disabled there, it uses alternative liveries for already scheduled flights.

Also: Have you just recently assigned this contract or is it a very old savegame? As I know @twocflyer did recently some adjustments in the contracts of his mods. So if it is an old savegame, may cancel the Jetblue contract and accept it again.

Yes I did make some adjustments to the jetBlue Airways Mod. So if you have a contract enacted with them then you might need to cancel and restart the contract?

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