The achievement Wilhelm Röntge

the achievement Wilhelm Röntgen remains stuck on see attachment, I can’t get it now the achievement. can this be looked at?
Schermafbeelding 2022-07-13 085345

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What other data? How many years have passed, passengers transported, screenshots of the airport and the history of construction? I’m too lazy to sit and wait until the numbers are full. A little later, when it’s boring, maybe I’ll continue. ))

So your baggage counter is stuck at 74999997? Despite additional scanned baggages it does not increase?


yes, that’s right, he’s stopped here, won’t go any further.

Sounds very strange, something for @Alexander to look at when he’s able. Have you sent in a bug report with the specific save in question? You’re not in offline mode for Steam, right?

I don’t have the save game anymore it was too big to upload. i’m not in offline mode

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