The A380 program has been terminated

The A380 program will end after the last aircraft is delivered in 2021.

Airbus PRESS (AirbusPRESS)

Following a review of its operations and in light of developments in aircraft and engines, @Emirates agrees with Airbus to :arrow_right: reduce its A380 order book by 39 aircraft :arrow_right: order 40 #A330neo & 30 #A350 As a result, A380 deliveries will cease in 2021 Release:

5:05 AM - 14 Feb 2019


Let me just leave it here;


Too far ahead of it’s time…? Well, it’s a legend anyway, as it is the first ever plane with a full double deck body.

It’s also sad as potentially 3500 people could loose their job…

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It’s sad that it’s the end of the Jumbo era

This Probably also be one of the last 4 engined passenger planes…

Wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into like the MD-80 or the 757, where airlines eventually see the value of the plane and flock to get the limited number of them.

Given they cannot even sell them second hand, and the first ones are already being broken for parts I don’t think they will enjoy a life like that. They were just too big.


A real shame of course! I liked the A380 due yo its sheer size and well… everything about it!