Textures for Airport CEO

Hi, howdy, and hello everyone!
I have been working on some basic textures for Airport CEO over the past few days. Using very simple tools, I managed to get an okay batch of textures for uploading. These are in no way high quality, and just for fun. They come in two packs, Vanilla and Experimental.

  • Vanilla has grass, concrete, asphalt, and gravel in sticker form (no sand or water yet).
  • Experimental has some rock textures from real life. They don’t tile the best, but the work.

So enjoy! Note: Currently I’m having trouble uploading to the workshop, so links are not yet available! Sorry! They may not be available of a few days :frowning:

Link for Vanilla: See note above! :frowning:

Link for Experimental: See note above! :frowning:

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I can’t wait to check them out!