Text is blurry & difficult to read

Hi, does anyone else have this problem and is there a fix?
Letters will just dissapear, and the text almost seems as if it’s out of focus.
Occasionally it’s actually fine when I load up a save, so I know how it’s meant to look.

*My computer is a surface laptop 3 running intel i5.


If your screenshots are correct you’ve got also a problem with the display of the graphic elements like the stripes, arrows and the plane.

Your notebook has got only a onboard graphic chip, right? The system requirements demand minimum 2 GB dedicated VRAM. Do you have that?


I’m not too sure about the graphical elements, tbh I haven’t noticed that before, it could just be the save was loaded in on a lower quality origionally idk. But even if I load the save up in ‘fantastic’ quality, the text still looks off.

My notebook has got 8GB of RAM, although I don’t know about VRAM. I have played before on this very save with the proper text though, so the computer is capable I think.

Thanks for the reply,

Hmm, never seen this before… I will check my save. Great airport btw! :grinning:

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