Test baggage belts

in real life you have to test system before opening airport - this would be ideal to test the issues in system

so to enter test mode for checking in baggages - click on check in and click test baggage icon and the baggage will spawn at that check in - for muiltple check ins - click each desk to run the system test OR click on baggage depot to test system

for baggage claim - click on baggage depot and click test baggage OR Click on zone and click test system

this would resolve the issues cant find paths to baggage bay


OR you can plan a single flight from an airline and test the baggage system with that flight :wink:

A way to test would be nice. Perhaps from the debug panel, as not everyone wants to see the test option when theyre looking around their desks.

Or even better, the system could just tell you everything is connected in a way that would work? Like some green light that would be shown somewhere in the operations panel?


Maybe the arrows could go green if all correctly connected and be red when there is an error!

I thought there was a test integrity system put in place?

I thought there was a test integrity system put in place?

There is. If a component of belt system isn’t connected it warns you. But it doesn’t warn you if you mislinked components via linkage or belts.

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Thought so as well, but maybe it got removed for some reason. To be honest I’ve never seen it, but indeed some kind of integrity system (in whatever way) should help built a conveyor system. Especially now as it get’s more and more complex if you have to built on different floor levels.

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