Terminals - can I rename and/or change the color?

Hey guys! What’s an amazing game!

I just created a second terminal and I have some questions.

Can I change the name? Or even the number? They are all purple, can I change the color??

Another thing, even with the automatic assign vehicle and staff per terminal mode off. Staff and vehicles continue to be assigned to some random terminal. Am I doing something wrong??

Thanks in advance, guys!!

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I like the idea about changing name. But no to my knowledge you can not change number/name/color.

However i do have solution about the auto assigning of staff.
The short answer is that you need to make a staff-room that is not inside any terminal area. I:E terminal 1,2 and so on. Then you can assign staff to no terminal and they will go that staff room until you know where you want them.

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Nice idea, I’ll try it out. Thanks!

Unfortunately at this point you cannot alter names and colors of terminals, maybe something for @Alexander to look at if he’s ever bored?

Do you have them parking inside a terminal area? If so they will be automatically assigned to that terminal.

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Thank you for your answer!!

I’ll try what u guys told me. Make a bus stop and parking with a staff room without any terminal assigned!

I’ll post it here the results!

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