Terminal zoning on different floors

Is it possible when zoning a terminal to zone differently for each floor? Currently, zoning a certain area as a terminal will be the same area for each floor. This makes it impossible to make different terminals above each other and prevents, for example, the creation of hallways of a certain terminal over or under another terminal.

No, terminal zoning is floor agnostic.


denoting or relating to hardware or software that is compatible with many types of platform or operating system.
“many common file formats (JPEG, MP3, etc.) are platform-agnostic”


In addition to the terminal floors, what if I have a common security area that three terminals use to access them. So there at 10 security stations in an area and then the pax can go to whatever terminal they need to after that. How do I designate that common area as a terminal for all three terminals?

One final note- what if a baggage bay is pretty far from the terminal? Do I just highlight the terminal and then have like a single purple line connecting to the remote baggage bay?

I think common areas (like a common security area, or two terminals that share the same entry and exit roads and therefore the same bus, subway and taxi stops) that terminals share is the hardest concept here.

I would suggest splitting the security search area by walls so each becomes its own secure zone. This works very well just remember to have a secure exit and staff route for each :slight_smile: glass/walls or hedges can achieve this to give illusion it is one shared space but in terms of zoning each is split off

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