Terminal zone question and possibly bugs?

Hello. I’m at the latest experiment build.
I’m seeing some strange behavior while zoning terminal.
I will zone a total of 4 terminals. But only two are operational. However, you can walk between them all. Via “no zone” ways.

But when i zone the terminal. The “no path to other terminals” kinda comes and goes. I will double check so I didn’t miss anything.

Also when i try to move staff around by the number panel when you click the T-button. I can not set it to zero? If i let’s say want to make one terminal not operate atm. Is that a bug or a design thing that the game will always have one person there? I have made sure to put the - auto assign terminal option off.

Also it doesn’t let me keep the numbers i actually put in. If I put seven. It just now changed it to 8.
Am i running this airport? Or this airport running me :rofl:

Another question.
If I assing a push pack truck to a stand in terminal 1 via the tab menu - vehicle section.
Will that same then be assigned in the Terminal overlay pressing the T button.
So if i had no push back trucks assigned. It should now say 1 in the terminal overlay?

If anyone needs pics of something or has ideas or if i should send a bug report. Let me know.

This is also happening to me? Bug maybe?

What parts? All of it or something specific? :stuck_out_tongue:

The flashing connect terminals warning, even though my terminals are connected

That actually went away for me. It turns out for me it was a flooring issue.
All my terminals have two floors. But on the terminals not in use. I didn’t put stairs or escalators yet. So obviously, seeing it now. The path failed between floor one and two, thus i suspect that’s why it said it was not connected. But technically i still think it was :stuck_out_tongue: hehe.

Ah! I must check my terminals then, although the warning showing and then not showing seems kind of weird

Yeah that i agree on. It really did come and go. A few mins off then back, then away again hehe.

Same here, 4 Terminals which are connected only on level -1. I am still in the building phase in the sandbox, so I don’t know if the “no path to other terminals” will go away, after I finished all terminals.

But already you can reach every other terminal from each other (tested with pathing tool). Strange.

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