Terminal Transportation

Terminal Transportation

I see many topics about underground transportation between two terminals, and I would like to expand upon that idea. I’ve tried to build multiple terminals however, it’s always very difficult for flights to get out of the additional terminals. For example, I built a two terminal, two runway airport somewhere near Mannheim, Germany. The airport featured one terminal connected to the road with another terminal attached by two bridges. This was ineffective as bridges were very crowded. Keep in mind the terminal is surrounded by stands to the only way to get there was a bridge. So how can this be solved?

Why it should be implemented:

Here’s my solution. Terminal transport. For instance, there are two ways I can have people get around the airport with out them having to walk between two terminals. So a subway or a monorail can get passengers from point A to point B. This would make airports more efficient and cut down on delays.

Lets say Hannah Steward just got through security in Terminal A and her flight [OK203] departs from Terminal B. With the current game version, she needs to walk about an hour to get to her gate, depending how far it is. If she took a monorail, she can get from Terminal A to Terminal B in say 10 minutes and make it to her flight within another 5 minutes. In one instance, Hannah might miss her flight, in the other, she’ll be there with probably enough time to use the bathroom and get something to eat.

Getting back is a hassle too. Lets say John Howard gets off his flight [OK202] at Terminal B, Gate 7 to and wants to go home. John is coming home from a business trip in Seattle and the security exit is in Terminal A. He has to walk around the same distance that Hannah. If there was a tram or a subway, he can take the same transport service that Hannah took to get from Terminal A to Terminal B. He will get extra time to be with his family before he has to take another flight for work related reasons.

Now the previous two examples are not the biggest deal, it would be nice for them. The biggest deal is staff. Most of the time, flights delayed or flights departing not 100% completed is due to the distance the staff has to walk. Now Passenger Service Agents (PSA) often do struggle getting around a single terminal airport, but when you through another terminal into the mix, things go to the gutter. PSA may not always make it to the game and therefore, passengers may not make it into the plane. This is the main reason I request such a feature.

An example of what transportation may look like (though from above).

I support this idea, having wanted people movers for a while. Multi-terminal support is supposed to be coming in the next major update, but as of yet I’m not entirely sure what that entails. We know for sure travelators are coming (moving walkways). This will help some with decreasing walking times.

I assume staff management is getting an upgrade, as well, as that’s the biggest problem right now with multi-terminal airport functionality. Slow staff delay boarding indefinitely and it makes scheduling impossible unless you did one flight per day, per stand.

I wonder if the map size will expand at all, which would in turn make trams or people movers more valuable / necessary. Not sure if they think performance is where it needs to be yet. I wouldn’t mind the extra space, though, if for nothing else but laying out my taxiways and runways in a less confined space.

Also, as an addendum, outside of bridges you can build underground tunnels to connect your terminals. That’s how I tested a multi-terminal airport. It still didn’t work. I do like the idea of a landside and airside terminal, however.


Hi the one we have at are airport it comes to the end of the sats( where the arrivals passenger are after getting off and it takes them to immigration and then they walk after that into the baggage hall and exit and then it doubles back to take some of the departing passengers to there gates

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