Terminal Quality Rating

I’m struggling to improve my Terminal Quality rating (it’s currently at 45% and that’s pretty much as high as I’ve got it in any airport that I’ve ever built)

The mouseover text for Terminal Quality says (in part):

Improve by constructing high quality objects, decorations, hiring service technicians to repair broken stuff and activating proactive repairs.

I generally use the higher quality objects when there is a choice; this includes armchairs, sofas, baggage belts (high speed belts are listed as high-quality).
Decorations wise I have several hundred plants across my terminal, I also have multiple statues.
I currently have a surplus of service technicians according to the employee job tasks summary (the number of current job tasks is consistently below 10,so there isn’t that much broken stuff that passengers can come across) and proactive repairs are enabled.

What am I missing or is there a balancing issue?

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I’m almost certain this rating doesn’t work properly yet. For example, it appears gate seating drops the rating to 25 % unless there are lots of high quality armchairs which increase the rating.

I’m sure this rating will be reviewed and improved sooner or later.

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Yer, i dont know many terminals don’t use basic airport seating throughout :wink: without needing to go into a premium lounge

@olof is this being looked at in any way?

Not as of right now, we have more important stuff to do, but it will be looked at later.


Fair enough. As long as your aware of it.


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