Terminal Bridges & Terminal Trolley's

As seen in newer airport designs terminal designs are implementing new passenger bridges to route from “head-houses” to the individual terminals. Additionally as in Atlanta airport there is an underground train/trolley system to traverse the terminals from the head-house also. I know Orlando International also has an elevated trolley to do the same.

Bridges would require structures to be able to be built without support underneath, so might require special terminal material/object to be added. Also height would need consideration for aircraft to be able to pass underneath. (See LaGuardia Terminal B Design for reference).

Would love to see these feature implemented.

Hello, welcome to the community! Nice ideas, though I’m pretty sure the airport train idea has been referenced but as far as I know, they’re not planned to be added.


Bridges are already possible to build. For example if you build foundation on floor 3, only the end of where you drag it needs to have foundation on floor 2.

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I am super new to the game, so please pardon my negligence. I will have to try this today, thank you! I assume aircraft are able to pass under as long as I have the taxiway built then too.

Yes, they will. The only limitation is that you can’t build those bridges above buildings (vehicle depot etc.). Above street and taxiway is no problem. It’s quite fun to play with bridges a bit, it allows interesting layouts.

Awesome news for me, definitely will help with some design issues I have been running into. As with a lot of this game I am finding is the algorithm you use to build things matters. Thanks again!

it is possible cf. my post about Terminal floors (levels) and jetways - Yes, I made it ! Without Modular JetBridge
The thing it’s to first draw the pedestrian path, while workers go throw building this object, Go to the upper floor and draws the foundation of your terminal, after this drawing descends at level 0 and clears the pedestrian path previously drawn. Here you are a suspended terminal and Level 0 you can place what you want as objects or material.

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