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Tenants is a feature that ties into to a number of other features that have been requested before.
A tenant is a company that provides services on the airport grounds.
This can come in many different forms:

  • Terminal tenants: Food outlets, shops, banking, etc.
  • Fixed Base Operators: Flight schools, maintenance, fueling, Hangars, etc.
  • Cargo: Cargo buildings and handling facilities
  • Military: Dedicated facilities for storing and maintaining military aircraft
  • Public services: Police, Fire department, EMS, News, etc. having dedicated facilities
  • Other: Airport / Aircraft Museum

This all boils down to the same things:

  • The player builds buildings / facilities
  • The player signs a contract with a tenant to use said facilities
  • Each contract has its own requirements that need to be met
  • The player receives financial compensation (and perhaps some other advantages)

This is not a small feature, and there are a lot of sub-features that need to be done first,
but it lays the groundwork for a big number of gameplay additions

  • More diverse airport operations
  • More diverse traffic on and off the airport
  • More diverse aircraft (and helicopters?)
  • More diverse staff operations

The groundwork that needs to be done first:

  • Allow the player to build a building (that may or may not be a terminal, see my other feature request)
  • Allow the player to ‘decorate’ that building with amenities (like in a terminal you build check-in desks)
  • Allow the player to create a zone (spanning multiple buildings) and assign that zone to a contractor

Terminal tenants: Food outlets, shops, banking, etc.

Also add the option to have higher star rated tenants in smaller areas and not as it is now that the size determines if a tenant with high nr of stars will hire the place. This makes it more realistic to have multiple small high value shops/banks/etc like parfum/watches/suits/credit card/etc and with that be able to create a realistic shopping lane/area.

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I think this is a great idea. At least with food and stores, you could get higher ranked tenants by the amount you sell.

For example you sign a 1 or 2 star tenant into your space for a specific amount of time. If you sell x amount of food etc in that time (just like how it currently works) you’d get a bonus. In addition the store could either ‘upgrade’ to a higher star or at the end of the lease you could sign a different tenant.

Nice, I believe merging all the tenant options into one big system will make it very easy to work with!
I also like the span of the features, starting from shops and restaurants to tenants with very specific requirement like military and police/fire departments that could have their helicopter/plane bases at the airport.

I’m just chipping in to add even more things that could be part of the tenant system:

  • Hotels - have hotels build directly on the airport grounds. I know that most hotels are build just next to the airport, at land that is not really owned by the airport itself, but for the sake of gameplay, having the hotel directly at the airport seems reasonable.
  • ATC - the ATC is not really facilitated by the airport, the airport only hosts the structures/equipment required for the operations, as such, ATC services could be a special type of tenant contract (likely without the revenue and maybe with added costs).
  • Transportation - The public transportation to and from the airport could be leased to external companies, that way multiple bus operators could compete for passengers. Parking places could also be managed by external companies and taxi services might want to book dedicated parking spots just outside the terminal buildings.
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Love it. It’s not often you see someone who can think bigger / more generic

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