Templates of shops, restaurants etc

Hey guys,

I was wondering, could any of you awesome CEOs share your templates of restaurants, shops and lounges on Steam?

I love building terminals and designing the overall layout of my airports. But filling in the spaces inside is really a struggle for me.

I usually just put some shelves in random order, just so it does the job, but it just doesn’t look nice. And my passengers are tired of vending machine sandwiches, so I decided to look here for help.

I know many of you guys are masters in detailwork, so if you have a nice looking shop or cosy restaurant in your latest build, please please share it.

I think there are more people who would make good use of those.

Many thanks in advance!

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here are some ideas for food franchise designs from a while back. Go to the food franchise drop down section for images. Not Templates but there are some ideas for ya!

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Exactly why I asked. I’ve seen these nice creations already, but I find it too time consuming when I try to build something as nice as those myself.

And since it is possible to share templates on Steam, I wanted to promote it, because I am sure people would find it useful and at the time of writing, only 2 templates are available for download.

Thanks anyway!

Ill try and get something up next time I build some :heart: any size you are looking for? or does it matter?

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Will surely be looking out for those!

All sizes should work - it is easy to remove a table or two in case it takes a bit too much space :wink:


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Do you need to zone the area first before you can use those templates?


Well it is possible to save a template with a zone, so that would be the prefered option.

But one can always zone a bigger area, use the template and then resize the zone afterwards :slight_smile:


How about some useful stuff for the staff rooms, pool table, games machine, coffee maker etc. It seems that one of the goals to success is keeping staff happy, is to give them something to do, Posh staff rooms with nice flooring is ok, but if all they have to do is sit about looking at each other, no wonder they are not happy. The bathrooms could use a baby changing facility along with disabled WCs. Also a nice kids corner would go down well.
Just another thing, why do the franchise staff always seem to follow each other about in line like ants. They seem to prefer wondering from bathroom to bathroom and then stand about, surely they are not all nonces.

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I guess this is more of a separate mod request, but it’s a great idea!

More extensive mods like these will probably come once the game is fully released.