Templates for Gimp, Sketchbook and paint.net

We from the ACEO Modding Group bugfixed the photoshop templates and converted them for the following tools:

  • Gimp
  • paint.net
  • Sketchbook
  • Photoshop (Bugfixing on the orginial ones)

If anyone is interested in those, please PN me with the information witch Format you like to have

Big Thanks goes to @twocflyer and @Beumer (for the Winglet/Engine/Wing work on B738) for helping me converting those files to other formats

Please note, to convert them into a good way, the gradient and shadow layers we needed to put 100% opacity, so if you gonna use them, you need to adjust those layers to a correct level of opacity

As Example E190 on Sketchbook


added 1900D and B787-8, if you are interested just PM me

Edit: sorry, 787-8 have some errors on the gradient, i need to convert the layers new to have it correct in Gimp…

I was about to make a topic stating that I couldn’t use the MDK-Templates because Paint.NET and GIMP wouldn’t accept all the details.

It’s just great that you’ve taken the time to adjust the templates! I’ll sent you a PM to request the files.
What’s the actual issue that the templates do not work as expected with any other software than PSD?
And do you have a suggested %setting for the gradient?

The thing is, the PSD MDKs are done with layer masks and layer effects for gradients… This isn’t possible to open in an other software so the case is, i take those PSDs and convert every layer effect, every layer mask and those stuff to different normal layers…
@twocflyer and i figured out how because there is also some interpretation problem of the software what to do with gradients from black to white and not black to transparent…

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All new MDKs are converted for use directly in Gimp, paint.net and Sketchbook :slight_smile:
so PM me for the template Links

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@dawed whenever I save a paint.net file as png, the airplane turns out white in game. Is there any specific save option I need to use to let it be usable?

I need to check, i don’t use paint normally, will get back to this tomorrow!

A380, B777-200 and B777-300 are available now as well…
PM me if you like to have them :slight_smile:

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