Taxiway Yield Line

I would love to have the ability to add yield lines on my taxiways.

In this image of my airport, you can see how arrivals and departures are immediately separated to avoid traffic jams. But, they converge on one communal taxiway by the gates. It seems like, currently, arrivals have priority over flights that need pushed back even if they are miles away. I dislike this because if a flight gets delayed, it can’t push back until all arriving flights have cleared the taxiway behind it, and this risks delaying the next flight on the stand. A yield line would solve all these problems so that arriving aircraft can make their way all the way up to the shared taxiway, while letting departures have priority to clear the stand for the next plane.


I recently brought this up. I see it like this.
Also atm, the ATC is not optimized, planes will wait for other planes that is very far away. And in those cases it would be more realistic that it got the bush back, and then started taxi. Ofc it all depends on the layout of taxiways and so on but basically they should always have to wait for each other at the latest point possible.

But a yield line would work also or something.

You can do something like that by using one way Taxiways.
I know it’s not exactly the same but it works. - And on the screenshot i can see you did it that way :wink:

Yes it just seems that arrivals which are miles away get priority over planes which have to push back causing delays

Agreed, have also seen a problem where my departing aircraft are waiting for planes miles away to go past before they pushback.

Yeah. That happens to me too. It would be great if there were at least holding stands we could build

yup one thing I hope can for sure in the future be addressed somehow. I will sit and watch an aircraft wait for another aircraft on the other side of the airport that “what I assume has priority first” to pass the other airplanes path when there was PLENTY of time for the first mention airplane to go ahead and continue that path or pushback. and yes I do have parallel one way taxiway.

The only way to solve many of these “waiting to push back for an aircraft far away to pass” at the moment, is to not have any stands have a pushback onto any of the main taxi ways. but have all stand pushback taxiways finger off of the main taxiways. This requires, however, a lot of added taxiways at your airport… in an already small boundary with the new big birds stand size here.

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we NEED this all of my planes wait for a plane to pass about a mile away

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I agree with this Idea 100%

The only “yielding” planes in ACEO is merge into each other and become buggy for a few minutes.:wink::wink:

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