Taxiway (Taxi), Wing Span & Outer Engine Clearance and Width Guide

Taxiway (Taxi), Wing Span & Outer Engine Clearance and Width Guide

Hello all, now that most of all the aircraft are out, I made a little guide (visual) for those of you who want to have wing or engine clearance for your airport designs!

  • I didn’t do small aircraft cuz I didn’t feel it needed it. If someone wants it please request it. :slight_smile:
  • This is a GUIDE only. This does not tell you how to design your airport or taxiways. This only lets you know what wing clearance you would need for each aircraft type. How you use this information is up to you!


Magenta = will have wingspan clearance
Green = will have outer engine clearance (A340-300, A380, & B747 only)

I have uploaded images both showing with and without tile guidelines

Feel free to save these images to your computer or bookmark this page for quick reference! :slight_smile:

Happy Building! :airplane:


LARGE AIRCRAFT (7x taxiway width)

MEDIUM AIRCRAFT (5x taxiway width)

SMALL AIRCRAFT (3x taxiway width)


Wow … just wow… I was just think about how to document this taxiway width information.
I’d like something similar for the small aircraft.
Also good to note the absolute minimum width taxiway each size airplane requires (e.g. small only requires one width taxiways).
Would you also know if space is needed between stands when parking?

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you can always adjust the taxiway width after the fact as required by aircraft taxing on that section of taxiway. The minimum info you need is wingspan info . you can make the taxiway as wide or as narrow as you want after that. thats easy to adjust cuz the center will always be in the same place regardless of how wide you make the taxiway

There is no space needed for between stands. all aircraft fit on the stands with their wings. This would be a preference based on design in my opinion. not based on wingspan clearance

now for pushback… if you don’t want them hitting one another if two aircraft pushback next to one another at the same time. Then I would give at least 2 tiles between, or. don’t schedule flights at the same time for adjacent stands.

@JustJoe as requested, small aircraft added :slight_smile:

but as a general rule I use 7x taxiway for large, 5x for medium and 3x to 5x for small as this is the off ramp size for each. I would never use 1x for taxi unless im trying to save on operational cost. but thats my preference

as a reminder

This is great, I hope you and other people can keep on making these tutorials.

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Am I the only cheapskate that only uses single wide taxiways no matter the size of the aircraft? It’s mostly because I always play scenario and have yet to sandbox.

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there are a few great tutorials in the guides section on steam… check it out :slight_smile:

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Looking at how some small commercial aircraft manouevre on the small stands, I think that one space in between each stand will decrease the chances of collision between two aircraft, particularly if the Saab and DHC-6 are involved…

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Yes, for small commercial stands, I leave a gap latest since the S340 is there. With GA it works without gap.

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yup, totally forgot about that, haven’t used small stands in a while. thanks for the reminder