Taxiway size and safety

It would be nice to have different sized taxiways to different category aircraft. Maybe the taxiway node could have safety boundaries when it comes to foundation and obstacles near the taxiway. Right now it’s annoying to build something when the wings might swept over anything without consequences. It would be fun to have the risk of getting airplanes hit something if u don’t build the taxiways properly.


Yep, right now the game just trusts the player to build them the right way and not just one tile wide. But i’m certain this will be improved in the future.

I try to allocate enough clearance to avoid clipping buildings or aircraft but the dang A380 crashes into everything :joy:


Pls nu, that’d ruin every airport I’ve built, cause every single wing and building would be destroyed

Well, I have spent the last 18 months warning you from my MDK experiments just how big they would be. :rofl::joy:


This is exactly how I build, i.e. enough clearance but initially one tile wide to put just the centerline, because otherwise I’d need to spend all the loan I can get for fully filling the taxiways and then wait a couple of years to get money from a little terminal which is much smaller than tutorial instructs to build, before I’d be able to expand the airport any further (as I don’t play on easy difficulty).

In the past I could build a GA-only airfield with full 5-tile wide taxiways and in 1-2 years make money from it to expand it to a passenger airport, even without taking a loan, but later it was changed and having just GA doesn’t generate profit (you will lose more through the night than you earned during the day, even with fueling services, and no matter how many GA stands you build). Now having commercial flights and shops/cafes is a must to earn money (through the night), so on higher difficulties you either need to ignore the tutorial and start from building a passenger terminal, or follow the tutorial, but use 1-tile wide taxiways (and fill the gaps a couple of years later).

There seem to be no(t much) collision detection in the game right now: I saw passengers walking through each others, vehicles drive through, air planes hang on each other and also the wings touching buildings and other objects without any consequences.

File under realistic

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