Taxiway Node Direction

Pretty much what the header says, it may help with sorting out the taxiway traffic issues that arise. Basically have it so that planes can go one way on a certain taxiway and also add in hold points.


What I wonder most, why the pathway calculations are doing the global route in 1 go. It should behave more like baggage on tilt trays; go to a holding point and then “go to destination”, so it does not block halve your airport for 1 plane route.


yes much like the baggage system, where u have a node in route and a node out route

Im not a fan of the one way taxiway idea, it’s unrealistic in real life. What I would like to see, is the ability to drag routes from runway to apron and back, much like the taxiway nodes, i.e. create 4 different configurations for the four different wind directions.


It would be nice if you could select a node for inbound traffic, outbound, or both. That way you can designate a taxiway that only allows planes going to the terminal or to the runway and not specifically one direction. This should eliminate wind issues.


I think we should definitely have option to define taxing routes, as defining routes is a responsibility of a CEO / operations. It will be needed to increase depth of game and to solve traffic issues.

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It’s not unrealistic, some airports such as Sydney International (YSSY) have “one way” taxiways.
They can always be used in either direction, however the ground controller needs to specify that if a situation arises that requires it.

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I’d love to see this too. I think the best way to implement this is rightclicking a node just as when you’re setting a holding point, and then clicking between 3 options: [One Way direction A, One Way Direction B, Two Way Traffic], with the two way traffic set as default for every node. This way you can change directions when a rise of traffic makes you want to change a route.

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