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Hi guys,
I have problem with mi aircraft taxiing. When I load game, taxiing works. In a few minutes, the aircraft stop rolling/taxiing to the runway or new landing aircraft don’t taxiing/rolling to the stand. I have problem from version 3.7.47 - 3.7.5 . I am experimental. I mean 3.7.4 work correctly. sorry for my english.

Och only one picture…

Thanks for help…

This post is illegible. Your problem was not made clear and the English was very broken. Please elaborate!

“Path is current blocked by other traffic” , but path isn’t blocked.

I think they are having a problem similar to me. I noticed on a new build I created once we got the large aircraft, that aircraft pushbacks are really odd/awful, because they are creating massive delays. I find this to be related to once an aircraft puts in a taxi request with the game, it has a “reservation” or “place” in line when it can cross certain nodes. Therefore, a lot of other waiting aircraft hold up others, and then couple that with arrivals, the pushbacks are becoming 4+ hour delayed in my game. In terms of freezing/no more taxiing, I notice this slightly, but it eventually corrects; I’m sure we’ve all seen an aircraft taxi over all the others, cutting in line to take off next (usually when reloading)? Has anyone else notice AWFUL pushback times now? Or is that a bug related to an old build that only corrects with a new build airport now?

I have the same problem. Planes stop taxiing, and then get ‘run over’ by planes further back in the line. I submitted an in-game bug report, number 20208.

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Yes I always see this occurring in my airport. This is an ongoing problem with aircraft path finding. Happy to report to should be fixed by alpha 24/:wink::relieved:, but a temporary way of fixing this would be to add one way nodes on your taxiways.

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