Taxi ways struggle

Hello everybody,

i think i need some help / suggestions on how to build taxiways. Most of the time in my airports planes wait and wait and wait… because another one is coming ( even from very far away )
I am sure i am doing something wrong but cant find what . Any idea ?

Do you still have the “cant collect baggage” message ? i get it all the time

There is nothing wrong with it. Current airplane path finding is problematic and developers are aware of it.

Does the far left runway have a taxiway going around the bottom to the terminal, if not build one, that might be why the bottleneck is occuring.

Have you set the runways up for landing/departing on both, or is one designated landing, the other departing?

Plus also what EG said.

thank you !!
yes i have the taxiway at the bottom. But RW are one for Landing and one for departing planes… is it better to have them both open for takeoff and Landing ?

It really doesn’t matter. Congestions will always happen no matter what runway options are.

Yes, we are aware of this issue and it is on the list of things to fix. Looking at your design I think having 1 runway on each sides, one for landing and one for takeoff, could make your traffic flow more efficient. :slight_smile:



i understand it will be fixed and this is great
I Got the game on day 2 and still enjoying every day .
Keep up it will turn out to be a fantastic endless game :slight_smile:

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