Taxi times

Just a question really on taxi times, I have built up a rather large airport and am finding a/c are taking an age (1hr plus) game time to get onto stand and thus causing delays? Now I know the generic answer will be to build more taxiways and runways but know from my experience working at an airport for over 13 years no airport taxi time is over an hour, unless bad weather restricts movements. Is this something that will be addressed in the future?



Try have your inbound traffic on side of the map and outbound traffic on another side.

Then your pathfinder will have less collusions between pathways.

I have done this but it just takes to long for aircraft to taxi in. Obviously when building a large airport with multiple stand taxiing takes longer but it is just to lobg especially in the future if they are to reduce turnaround times… I played Airport inc many years ago and a/c would sit on stand for days or infact years if u sped the game up. Just something maybeto look at

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Airport Inc isn’t a fair comparison because really nothing graphical in that game actually represented actual operations in real time.

The taxi length issue is more to do with the timescale the game uses, because all the animations and processes occur more or less in real time, but the time scale is significantly shortened. That’s why the taxis, landings takeoffs etc. All take way longer than they do in real life. So hopefully this will be resolved with further discussion and refinement regarding in game time :slight_smile:


Exactly. If you were to actually time it, aircraft actually reach their stand far quicker in ACEO than in reality.

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