Tanking FPS

I have recently built a new airport with a medium stand.
Whenever an aircraft docks and the people get off the FPS tanks like crazy even through I have only 600 people in the terminal.
I don’t see why this is especially after the performance update and my PC specs are an intel i7 at 4.5 gigahertz, 32gb of ram and an AMD radion R9390 X with 8gb DDR5 VRAM

May I know what branch you are on?

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Hey, It is an early access game and they are still working on optimization. You should wait or create a new airport.

I suggest you switch to the experimental branch and if you’re already on it and have crappy FPS at 600 pax I’d like to get my hands on your save. :slight_smile:

I am on the experimental branch.
Is there a way to send you the save file.

You can use the bug report feature here. Full instructions given.

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Would you be able to try the internal branch as well? We have deployed a new path finding system targeting path related performance stuff there, instructions are available here: https://forum.apoglabs.com/t/opening-up-for-testing-the-new-path-finding/7155

I have just opened it on the normal branch but the FPS is still tanking.

I will check your save.

I don’t know what has happened but I have just re-opened the save and everything is now running smoothly.

Sorry, I dind’t see that you wrote “normal” branch. On the normal branch I’d expect you to have bad performance, on the experimental branch I’d expect you to have a lot better performance and on the internal branch I’d expect you to have even slightly better performance and a lot better and faster running path finding. So what branch are you on now, or rather, what game version are you on?

I’ve ran you save for quite some time now and cannot detect any notable performance issues. Are you sure you were running it on the experimental branch?

I am now and it is working fine.

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All right, great, if you stumble upon any other apparent FPS drops (while on the experimental branch) I’d be happy to get notified of it via the bug reporting channel! :heart: