Takes Time to Fix Stands and Runways

I think it should take time to fix the runways and stands. The contractors should go out and rebuild it just like building anything else. Aircraft wouldn’t be able to use the stands or runway when being fixed. I also think it should take time for it to upgrade and when building addons.


So many times people justify their ideas with “would add realism to the game” but this would actually really make (the CEO) game more realistic, because it challenges the manager in you.


This would require that we might have stands labeled as ‘reserve’, where flights can land, that have missed their timewindow or whose stands are under repair. Having big planes now, I wonder, whether we should have ‘follow-me’-cars? So that big planes have to be fetched from the runway and guided to their stands and vice versa?


I wouldn’t say no to this feature.

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i like it

(Waiting for one of those guys who always show up and say “this has been proposed before” to show up and say “This has been proposed before”
and then tell them that someone said that before.

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I see this, dang

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